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Welcome to Board Basics!

The Governing Board is responsible for the legal and financial obligations of the school(s) they serve. The Board establishes policy consistent with the school's mission and ensures the school's programs and operations adhere to the terms of the charter including compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.  The members of a charter school's governing board are community members that volunteer their time to ensure charter schools are mission and student focused!

This course provides a bank of relevant information for charter school board members on effective charter school governance as well as resources that boards can use to help facilitate their operations.

Turnover in staff is inevitable.  However, having a clear plan in place helps to make the transition a seamless process that minimizes the disruption of a school's campus.  This Succession Planning Course reviews the Succession Planning Guide that has been developed by the Charter Support Unit.  Its goal is to assist charter schools with the process of planning for employee turnover.

Welcome to Business Manager Bootcamp!  The financial operations of  a charter school are critical to school success.  There are many different areas that impact a charter school's financial viability. So where does  a new charter school operator or Business Manager start? This course is designed for individuals new to the Business Manager position.  It provides an overview of all of the major areas required for effective management of school finances and accounting.

Florida Statute 1002.33(6)(f) requires that all new schools attend the training which is coordinated by the Department of Education.  The Charter Support Unit is partnering with the Office of School Choice in the Department to offer this training online.  The training is required to be completed by the charter school principal and the chief financial officer or his or her equivalents.  Furthermore, the training must be completed at least 30 calendar days before the first day of classes at the charter school. 

The Launch Year Training is a series of Florida-specific trainings provided for free to school leaders who are working to open a charter school. Governing Board members and newly hired administrators will particularly benefit from these trainings. The institute will meet every two months, and will specifically deal with topics and issues that leaders will be facing over the next two months to prepare them for the tasks they will be working on. In addition regular modules will be posted (about one per week) focusing on topics of relevance to where you should be in your opening process. 

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